• "Nancy has been an extremely positive presence in my life, helping me during some of my most difficult periods of emotional and spiritual crisis over the past few years triggered by stresses such as divorce. In such times, its hard to know who to turn to or who to trust.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend Nancy as a wise, kind, non-judgemental and professional counsellor and healer. Her approach, a mix of talk based and energetic therapy, is pragmatic and effective. The exact mechanism of energy healing is a mystery to me, and it sits outside traditional approaches to mental or emotional suffering. However, at least personally, it has been highly effective often with immediate results. Emotional blockages are opened up, and damaging trapped energy in ones system seems to be released, often in unison with symbolic insights within my minds eye. It works on a deeper or more holistic level of ones being than intellectual insights alone. It does not stop the pain of grief, but it will help one express it and let it go.

    I believe Nancy is a natural healer - she has particular sensitivities or abilities that are uncommon, and its probably her life calling to sincerely help the rest of us heal from the aftermath of difficult and traumatic experiences." - James, St. Paul

  • "I have a rare genetic disorder for which there is no known cure. It results in easy anaphylaxis, bone pain, swelling in the spleen, liver, and lymph nodes. I experience persistent fatigue and pain. Because the disorder is so hard on the body it most often leads to other systems in the body breaking down, and frequent hospital trips and stays are the norm, not the exception. In 2004 and early 2005 I went into anaphylactic shock 20 times.

    In 2005 Nancy became an on going part of my care team, I see her every other week. I have not been in the hospital since 2005 and I have not experienced the deterioration that is so common with this disorder. Nancy has the ability to help my body relax and release much of the stress that accumulates. Her contribution to my quality of life has been immeasurable. I am deeply grateful for her healing abilities and her presence in my life."
    - Jeanne, Minneapolis

  • "For many years I've taught meditation and, as a result, become very sensitive to energy plus fussy about who I'll let do energy work on me. Nancy is someone I trust. Her energy is good, clean, and comes from a great love of Spirit. Her sensitivity has been cultivated and deepened overtime and I always come away from sessions with her feeling more the way I ought to; balanced, filled, and clear. I never hesistate to recommend Nancy to those seeking energy healing because I know her heart is in the right place and her capacity to deliver is very sound." - Alan P. Minneapolis

Contact Nancy at the Lyn-Lake Building, 621 West Lake Street # 209 Minneapolis, MN 55408 · 612-868-2160