It is impossible for me to imagine how I would have coped without Nancy…

I’ve found peace, relief, comfort, understanding and insight during my sessions with Nancy. The unearthing and release of damaging beliefs were more healing to me than any number of surgeries or medical interventions I’ve had.

Those first sessions with Nancy created a seismic shift in my psyche and left me wondering what else I might be holding on to that was no longer serving my physical and mental well-being. 

Nancy is highly skilled in many healing modalities and is adept at sensing which modality(s) will serve each client best.  Even when working with Nancy on painful emotions and narratives from my life, her intuitive talent with these healing modalities makes even a painful journey feel lighter – at times it can even feel like a great adventure.

She has generously helped me to create my own toolbox of skills, remedies and resources so I can help myself.  Nancy’s willingness to educate and share information is, for me, the hallmark of an ethical, truly caring practitioner.

I will continue to enthusiastically recommend Nancy to anyone who is looking for insight, relief from suffering and more joy in their lives – she is a treasure.

Keri Trenkner, Minnesota

How can I explain what I call your “Nancy-ness”...

When I first came to see you I was familiar with your healing gifts, but have benefited greatly from your ability to work on all levels of; mind, body & spirit, intuitively knowing what I needed at different phases of my development & journey. I have benefited greatly from your wisdom, compassion, your ability to listen intuitively on a deep level, to discern, accept, encourage & support. To reflect back to me a vision greater than what I have had for myself, one of health & wholeness,  thriving in joy, prosperity and peace.

Because you also work on an esoteric level, there are many ways I’ve experienced release, transformation, enlightenment, advancement, growth & change, that are difficult to describe. But I continue to reap the rewards.

Working with you has been an investment in myself that continues to pay dividends. 

I admire the fact that you continue to educate yourself in the latest techniques and technologies as many professionals do that are required to. After a session with you I leave freer and lighter, holding the gift of a deeper peace and understanding that grows as the days pass.

How can I explain what I call your “Nancy-ness”? It’s that certain something that is unique to you, the way the Love, Light and healing essence of the Universe channels through the vessel of Nancy, in a profound, beautiful, (and fun) way. The perspective and nurturing you bring forth, always.

E. Minneapolis

Nancy's counseling has put me at a deeper sense of peace with myself...

I have seen Nancy for chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. 

Simply stated, Nancy looks at what’s causing me stress on all levels and guides me toward wellness. 

Initially, I gained hope that I could feel better. Nancy provided me with  self-help techniques to getting and feeling better.  Nancy provides multiple resources from which to heal. Nancy’s counseling has put me at a deeper sense of peace with myself.

O., Minnesota

Thank God for Nancy…

I first met Nancy in 2009. I was reeling from having lost my husband of many years. Nancy was able to clear, as she called it, a huge black hole in my heart. That began my journey of healing and being able to see the world in a more positive light. Since that time, I have been able to see Nancy and each visit brings me such positive energy. She continues to help me on this journey to handle life’s changes and the stress from my son’s cancer. Thank God for Nancy!

Valerie R. MN

Nancy will meet you where you are, create a safe space...

I highly recommend Nancy Lindgren as a deeply knowledgeable, wise and compassionate healer to all. Whether you are going through a difficult time in your life or just want to feel better emotionally and spiritually, Nancy will meet you where you are, create a safe space for you, and apply her extensive knowledge of the healing arts to support you gently and powerfully.

Bonnie M. Minnesota

I’ll start talking and she sometimes says, wait, I'm starting to get pictures...

I’ve been an energy healing client of Nancy’s for a decade now, and there’s nobody that I trust more than her.  She knows how to work gently and effectively;  in a very safe way.   

Working Nancy has helped me greatly, along my life’s path.  One of my life’s goals has been to become “MORE ME”  and to heal from a traumatic life as a youngster.    She has helped me shed vestiges of the past; and helped me become more comfortable in my body. 

I think she can see anything.  I’ll start talking and she sometimes says, wait, I’m starting to get pictures.  And from there, I know she’s got it. Nancy is fearless.  She works with the angels, as a point of light, doing the work of the soul.

I would recommend her to anyone, for any kind of energy work. She is an incredibly gentle healer.  It doesn’t hurt that she is also a beautiful human being….. who has earned my trust and has been there for me when truly needed.  

L.G. West Virginia

Nancy healed my panic attacks...

I began having panic attacks around 4:00 every morning.  I knew the cause, but I could not stop them. I visited a specialist who gave me drugs that worked in the moment, but they did not solve the problem.  

Then, one day a friend referred me to Nancy. My sessions with Nancy have been both insightful and deeply healing.   She asked thoughtful questions to uncover the root cause of my emotional pain, and then she used a variety of techniques to help me face and release the negative energy and past pain.  

After working with Nancy for a couple of months, I experienced the “big release.” Her loving hands were holding my heart chakra as she was probing deeper in when I had first experienced this kind of pain.   She kept asking questions and I would answer, “I don’t know.” Then it happened – she asked a question and I answered with a response that surprised me. In that moment, I was filled with instant understanding of all the times in my life that have contributed to my panic attacks.  I felt this huge release of energy, then spent the next 20 minutes crying and processing what I had just learned.

While that session healed my panic attacks, the journey continues and only call Nancy for a “tune-up” when needed.   My heart is filled with gratitude and love for the kindness and true healing that Nancy provides.

R.V. Minneapolis

I am glad that I opened up my mind and embraced healing...

Nancy provided the guidance I needed to find my path to greater inner peace.

After my session I have felt less weighted down by traumatic events that I have faced. I have tools to rid negative thoughts when presented with them. Each day I feel closer to a desired state of mind by practicing

I am glad that I opened up my mind and embraced healing. Nancy has an amazing set of skills that can assist people with finding light when they’ve been through dark times.    

Lindsey H., Minnesota

You are truly an angel…

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all you’ve helped me with! I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. Once again, thank you for your amazing part in my healing. I am so grateful for your kind, gentle and expert help. You are truly an angel. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

J.C. Minnesota


As a Catholic priest, I was inspired and challenged to measure up to her example...

As a Catholic priest I follow a set pattern for weddings which most Catholics would recognize. It comes from a long tradition of prayers and vows.

Having been present at a wedding conducted by Nancy Lindgren today, I was compelled to offer a favorable testimonial.

The service, held in the patio of a restaurant, was reverent, personal, tinged with just the right amount of humor, and certainly nuptial, the vows were prominent in the service.

The language used by Nancy Lindgren is polished but not pedantic; she touches emotional spaces with her prose, and gently guides the participants toward a true celebration of the union taking place.

As a Catholic priest, I was inspired and challenged to measure up to her example.  

Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.

You provided exactly what we wanted...

We wanted to thank you again for the beautiful ceremony and helping to make our wedding special & unique. You provided exactly what we wanted for our vows and we wish to say thanks for your meaningful and inspiring messages.

Mona and Ryan

Your guidance was amazing...

We just wanted to say again thank you so much for everything.  We are so grateful we chose you to be our officiant.  Your guidance was amazing and you certainly kept us (me) calm.

Megan and Jared

Lovely ceremony...

Thank you for creating such a personal & lovely ceremony for us! We were honored to have you officiate.

Jeremy and Christine

She helped us create a ceremony truly from the heart...

Nancy Lindgren did a phenomenal job officiating our wedding ceremony. I loved how she listened to both of us and came up with such unique ideas that truly depicted who we are individually and as a couple.

I appreciated her patience as we continually added, changed, and tweaked the ceremony. I was impressed with her creativity and way with words. She has a wonderful gift.

Our wedding was initially scheduled on the day of the 5th largest blizzard in Minnesota. We decided to reschedule for the following day and Nancy was incredibly accommodating and comforting. On the day of our wedding, I was fairly calm and I know a large part of that was due to her tranquil presence. I knew that she had everything under control. Guests after the ceremony said it was one of the most beautiful and touching that they had seen.

She helped us create a ceremony truly from the heart. Both my husband and I recommend Nancy for any ceremony. She is intuitive, caring, patient, creative, professional, and very versed in the human spirit. Thank you Nancy for making this day one we will remember and cherish forever. We feel so incredibly blessed to have had you be a part of our special day.

Monica and Brad, Golden Valley, MN

Your kind words helped make our day very memorable...

Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding—your kind words helped make our day very memorable. We are glad that you could play such a special part in making our dream come true.

Kate and John

The ceremony you put together was perfect...

Thank you so much for being able to preside over our wedding on such short notice. The ceremony you put together was perfect and the words added so much to our evening.

Jennifer and Gerald

Thank you for a wonderful job...

We wanted to thank you for what a wonderful job you did at our wedding. We got so many nice comments about the ceremony and it truly made it very special for us.

Patrick and Amy

It couldn’t have been more perfect...

Thank you for helping us to make our day so incredibly special. Everyone in attendance could feel the blessed energy that we were sharing with them. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Jane and Richard


You helped us give the day meaning and respect...

Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness on this special day. Thank you for your healing and support during the cancer journey over the last two years. The personalized memorial was heartfelt and meaningful to all of us.

We can’t say thank you enough for the wonderful caring service. It was perfect—you helped us give the day meaning and respect we were feeling. What a peaceful service.

Dar and Gary


Our guests felt her warmth and sincerity...

We were so grateful to have found Nancy and to learn of her services.  It was during a difficult time of wanting to plan a most special and personal celebration of life and we had not been sure where to turn.  Nancy met with us and we were immediately reassured we had made the right choice. 

Her kindness and warmth helped guide us through our process.  Her patience and understanding was very much appreciated as our minds went in so many different directions.  And on the day of the celebration, her delivery of our words, prayers and readings made it the meaningful and personal service we had planned. Our guests felt her warmth and sincerity even though she had only known us for a short time.

Thanks again Nancy for all of your help through this journey.

Linda R

Thank you for your patience, support and kind words...

Thank you for officiating at Dave’s service, for your patience, support and kind words during the planning and for conveying our words so eloquently. I will always be grateful that we were able to create a meaningful and special Celebration of life and I sincerely appreciate your help.



It was a very special and personal ceremony...

Thank you for doing the baby blessing for our son. It was a very special & personal ceremony. It was nice to have you share another joyful occasion.

Doug and Jennifer

Thank you for such sweet words...

The baby blessing ceremony was beautiful. Thank you for such sweet words to bless our daughter!

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