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There are many different baby blessing ceremonies but they all honor the child as a powerful being of love. It is a time to affirm the things that you want for your child. This is a ceremony that we can create together to pass on from parents, family and community the hopes, dreams and commitments to your child.

I have practiced many traditional and unique ceremonies to bless children and would help create a ceremony that fits with your traditions and beliefs.

  • Baptisms and Baby Blessing help to establish a foundation for a rich and meaningful life for everyone concerned.
  • Non-denominational, interfaith, and secular ceremonies witness and honor the role that parents, siblings, grandparents, god-parents, friends, and/or extended family will play in this new baby or child’s life.
  • Locations are typically at the parents or grandparent’s home or some outdoor venue of your choosing.

“Thank you for doing the baby blessing for our son. It was a very special & personal ceremony. It was nice to have you share another joyful occasion.”

Doug and Jennifer

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