Nancy Lindgren is trained and certified Level 3 Healing Touch practitioner

Why I use Healing Touch with my clients  

I love using Healing Touch because it is both gentle and very powerful. Healing Touch is known to release blocked energy and encourages the healing of many ills. When I’m using Healing Touch, I channel life energy using a light touch to move and balance the energy field which helps initiate the healing process.

What is Healing Touch and how does it work?

Healing Touch and Reiki are similar types of energy medicine. The Healing Touch balancing technique usually centers on the seven main chakras and the joints of the extremities.

Ultimately, the goal of Healing Touch Therapy is to remove energetic obstacles and create a healing environment in the body.

Because Nancy also works on an esoteric level, there are many ways I’ve experienced release, transformation, enlightenment, advancement, growth & change, that are difficult to describe. But I continue to reap the rewards. Working with Nancy has been an investment in myself that continues to pay dividends.

K.T. Minneapolis MN

I Recommend Healing Touch For:

  • Pain
  • Pre and post-operative care
  • To calm your system
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • And much more

More about Healing Touch

  • Healing Touch was developed by Janet Mentgen, R.N. and was originally for use by those in the medical field. Now it is open to everyone.
  • Many hospitals are incorporating Healing Touch to calm and prepare patients before and after surgery, chemotherapy and other anxiety-provoking procedures.
  • Studies have suggested that Healing Touch decreases wound healing time and shortens the length of hospital stays.
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